Story behind the brand: olamiie


Hi, I’m Sue I’ve always desired varieties in beautiful objects and knowing exactly what I put against my skin. You see, even as a child, I will have severe allergic reaction to certain costume jewelries but I never knew what was hurting me. In fact, in my adulthood, I suffer from extreme eczema. Ultimately, I discovered that the only jewelries I can wear are precious metals like sterling silver, gold and real stones or pearls. 

As an adult, I was unable to always know the exact composition of many jewelries being sold in the stores. Alas, beautiful and expensive as they were, quite often I will end up with allergic reaction to the pieces and never wear them again. Furthermore, traditional fine jewelry stores do not always have interesting cool designs, in fact they are rather frumpy.

Finally as a busy consultant, I value efficiency in my life. This in turn translates to the designs featured here which have to be easy to put on and take off. 

So I’ve started Olamiie to address these dilemmas. The jewelries here are made of hypoallergenic material and precious metals. All jewelries will have clear statement of material composition. You will never have to guess again what your jewelries are made of nor how cumbersome it is to wear them. 

Olamiie is derived from the Hebrew word “olami” which means “global”. Which incidentally also sounds like “Ola, mi” which is “Hello, me” in Spanish and also sounds like “olami” in Nigerian for “my heart”.

That pretty much sums up the accidental existence of Olamiie.