A story behind the brand: olamiie

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Olamiie is derived from the Hebrew word “olami” which means “global”. Which incidentally also sounds like “Ola, mi” which is “Hello, me” in Spanish and accidentally sounds like “olami” in Nigerian for “my heart”.

That pretty much sums up the accidental existence of Olamiie. It existed out of a desire for a different beauty. Inspired by our travels. The people we meet. The sounds of new languages. The smell and colours of a new destination. The unexpected and yet stunning elegance we chanced upon. The opportunity to be whoever we want to be; with no expectations or judgements.

The freedom of choices. To own. To choose. To have pierced ears. A few. Or none. To wear just one pair of earrings or to stack. To be our own authentic selves. Pearls in sweatpants. Gold in shorts and bikini. Be an engineer who wear frilly dresses and accessories. A lawyer who wears colours. To be decked in gorgeous high quality items. To look any way we want to. No rules. Just free to be.